Mobile Security Patrol

Synergy mobile security patrol offers you peace of mind with random or scheduled mobile patrol of your location. Mobile patrols are a great way to enhance your current security infrastructure or used as a standalone service. As well as, a cost effective proactive security solution than static guard coverage and provide significant deterrence for your locations. Synergy can tailor mobile security patrols to your individual needs and comes complete with the latest technology to give you service accountability.

Commercial Programs
  • Building Lock & Unlock Service
  • Interior and/or Exterior Patrols
  • Employee Escorts
  • Employee Integrity Checks
  • Building Mechanical Inspections
  • Sprinkler Room
  • Anti-Loitering Program
  • Key Holding Service
  • Abandoned & Empty Lot Check
Transportation & Auto Dealership Programs
  • Yard/Location Lock & Unlock Service
  • Interior and/or Exterior Patrols
  • Critical Temperature Checks
  • Yard Inventory and/or Vehicle Count
  • Anti-Theft Parking Lot Program
  • Key Holding Service
Residential Programs
  • Vacation Watch
  • Interior and/or Exterior Patrols
  • Systems Check
  • Property Inspection & Integrity Check
  • Special Event Patrols
  • Key Holding Service
  • Welfare Checks

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Alarm Response

On the road 24/7, 365 days per week, Synergy can respond to your alarm quickly and effectively. Trained security professionals can verify alarms and secure your site, update emergency contact and liaison with any first responders or emergency service contractors. Our fleet is equipped with enhanced technology and includes NFC scan points, geofencing and real-time electronic reporting.  

Backed by 24/7 operations, Synergy has you and your site covered!